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"I was a stressed out, burnt out teacher in a tremendous amount of debt. I was searching for a way to achieve more time freedom while still earning a good income. These days I get to work from home around my two kids and have earned more in a month than I used to earn in an entire year in my teaching profession."- Lise Reitsma, BC Canada

Lise Reitsma

"I was looking for an opportunity to create more time and money whilst working from home, around my life as a dad to a blended family of 5. We longed for greater success and financial freedom. I found success early here, in my first 6 months of business I was profitable and self sustaining. I'm grateful for the opportunity and love what I do. 

Simon Haggard

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Michelle Bickmore

Hi I’m Michelle,  I have always thought that Personal Development 
is key. My vision has always been to work in my own perfect location, 
in my own business. where I have the control and I have the reward to 
match my efforts. 

.A bit about myself,  I was born in 
South Africa and have lived and travelled many parts of the world. 
My parents liked adventure, so it has always felt very normal to be travelling to new and wild locations often with challenges. My fiancé also shares this desire for wild location destinations and together we have travelled to some amazing locations. 
In Argentina where he was born we visited the wine region of Mendoza  which included the  Andes mountain ranges.  Further south in San Carlos De Bariloche 
we climbed into the Andes again.

This photo was taken in Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia celebrating with my lovely sister and fiancé.  

My favourite family photo in Hobart Botanical Gardens, Tasmania, Australia, where we had such a wonderful 
time together.

My fiancé and I had such a special time in Argentina at our favourite hotel in the world, Hotel das Cataratas, exeptional with the view of Iguazu falls also being in the National Park.

My fiancé and I Photographing some 
Whales on Tasmania's wild East Coast on one of our wildlife spotting road trips.

Why I went looking for a new solution:  I was working as a Graphic Designer and High End Retoucher getting up at 5.30am and returning home late, having to deal with crowded traffic and a reward that did not match my efforts. I knew in my heart there was a better way to live and that this was possible. In my work I was always looking at visually stunning imagery, however I wanted to be in that image, living a life beyond my imagination whilst being rewarded for my efforts. 

Life changing decision:  The challenge was to find a new solution that would achieve a better work-life balance and enable me to work in my favourite part of the world. So I looked for an online business which would match my accomplishments and be a good fit. This led me to an online ad of an amazingly simple, global, online business model. Right away I knew it was a great fit for me, it made so much sense. 

Now I love working and talking online to other supportive entrepreneurs and business owners who are, upbeat, have infectious energy, ethics and who want to create limitless opportunities in their own lives and the lives of others. 

My fiancé and I had been wanting to move into a wilderness area for some time, and now with the online business opportunity available to me, we moved. In our favour, the technology of fast speed internet is in our wild location now. 

If my story has inspired you: If you’re looking for a solution and profound new business model that has, flexibility, portability plus simplicity that will reward you for your efforts and talent and if you have a couple of hours a day to devote to your own new business venture, then reach out to me today. 

A favourite quote: The world is as you see it. You have your own glasses with your own colours and prescriptions, and you perceive the world through those glasses. Thats why the world appears to you as it does.

However your mind is, however your heart is, however your attitude is that’s how you see the world. Therefore wear good glasses with the right prescription’’  

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NZ: 09 889 0551

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